Automate mobile safari in Windows platform always get ABORT

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    Posted 06 Apr 2011 Link to this post

    I am trying to automate a mobile site in windows platform (Win 7). The test works fine for IE & FireFox, but when I tried to run it in safari, it always got "Aborted" in the middle of the scripts and leave no error message.

    1)Webaii automation framework version in use is 2010.3.1108
    2)The safari installed is 5.04(7533.20.27), WebUI Test Studio  automation extension is installed and safari configured as in the requirement
    3) Windows 7 professional x64,  Microsoft Silverlight Version: 4.0.60129.0 installed
    4) I was told the mobile site using webkit to rending pages for sarafi browser.
    5) I have tried to use browser.WaitUntilReady();or even System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(waittime); to slow the sscript. but still not able to run script against safari successfully. and I tried with try & catch to catch error.

    My question is, does webaii support safari browser for mobile site in windows platform? how can we catch error instead of Aborted result? Thanks!
  2. Cody
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    Hi f tan,

    We have never tried using our WebAii Testing Framework for testing a mobile site with Safari. Technically we should be able to work with any site that can be loaded in the Safari browser.

    Version 2010.3.1108 is quite old now. We're up to 2010.3.1607 as our latest internal build which includes many bug fixes. Before digging deeper into this problem, can you verify whether or not it repro's using our latest release please.

    If it does repro we'll need a way of reproducing this problem so that we can study it and determine what is the root cause.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team
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  3. Chris
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    We have been doing the same thing where we need to test a mobile site using Safari.  Even with the latest version of WebAii you are going to run into troubles for a couple of reasons.

    1. The WebAii http proxy that gets used does not shutdown correctly
    2. No other way to set the User-Agent correctly in Safari without using the WebAii http proxy
    3. Cannot clear cookies or cache using WebAii

    The first two issues are a major deal breaker for us.  Basically what happens is the first test case will load up and run correctly.  Then the test case will report it has completed however the proxy that was used to run the test case is still in the process of shutting down.  As more and more test cases keep firing all of your test cases will start failing due to this proxy not shutting down in time. This caused either the test case to try and reuse a process that was in shutting down or broke the communication of our client machine with our test controller.  The net result was that we had to reboot all of our machines to even be able to log into them anymore.

    As for item number three this is a very concerning issue as well and this isn't just for the mobile space.  If you are unable to clear your cookies and cache after each run you cannot rely on your results.  This is especially true as we move into the new Html 5 world.

    Now as for solutions I have tried a lot of different tactics.  I have tried to kill all running processes before starting a new test case.  I have tried a blind delay at the end over every test case (Up to 5 seconds).  We also see these issues a lot more as we run our tests on Virtual Machines but I was able to duplicate the issue locally as well.  I also did some basic analysis of this and posted it on these forums here and found that not even the sample test cases work when you run more than one against Safari.  If you find any solution that seems to work please let me know as I haven't found these forums to be of much help.



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