ActiveBrowser.SilverlightApps()[0] is too slow

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    I am running Win 7, IE 9 (ver.: 9.0.8112.16421), WebAii 2.0
    In VS 2010 I have a short test project that simply:
    - runs a browser and navigates to our SL app
    - finds it
    - gets its VisualTree
    - and does some clicking and checking

    The problem is, that the app seeking is too slow. It takes from 35 to 50 seconds.
        EDIT: It is not the seeking, but the copying of the application to "SilverLightApp slapp" object that takes too long
    I tried to navigate to your demos site and it took "only" 5 seconds to find your demo app.
    The time between two clicks (loops) is long too (10 - 15 seconds).
    While debugging in VS, opening the found VisualTree or any sub-branch is slow too.

    I tried to clean my cache before every test / after every test - didn't help.
    I tried to run our app from a server instead of localhost - didn't help
    I tried the other approach (ActiveBrowser.SilverlightApps()[hostId]) - didn't help
    I tried Firefox, Chrome - didn't help

    I have no idea what can be wrong.
    Something in the app settings?
    Something in browser / internet settings?
    Or is our SL app so HUGE? (it is a bit, as you say, "complex")
    The main problem may be, that the app works a lot with graphics, therefore it may be too huge.

    here is the code widget:

    SilverlightApp slapp = ActiveBrowser.SilverlightApps()[0]; // 40 - 50 seconds
    VisualTree vt = slapp.VisualTree;
    FrameworkElement menu = vt.Find.ByName("Menu");
    StackPanel btnStack = menu.Find.ByName<StackPanel>("StackPanel1");
    for(int i = 5; i >= 0; i--)
                FrameworkElement el = btnStack.Children[i];
                el.User.Click(MouseClickType.LeftClick, 0, 0,
                ArtOfTest.Common.OffsetReference.AbsoluteCenter); // apx. 15 seconds between clicks

  2. empee
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    Yes, I tried to divide the concerning step:

    //changed this
    SilverlightApp slapp = ActiveBrowser.SilverlightApps()[0];
    //into this
    SilverlightAppsList slist = ActiveBrowser.SilverlightApps();
    SilverlightApp slapp = slist[0];

    and the second line took 50 seconds, so it may be costly to store in slapp object.
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    Posted 05 Apr 2011 Link to this post

    Hi Empee,
        we tried to reproduce this but we couldn't. With this in mind we would it be possible for you to grant us access to your application. We would like to try to reproduce this issue so we can start troubleshooting it. If you don't want to share this info on this public forum then I will provide you with an email account where you can drop the info.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team
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  4. empee
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    Posted 15 Apr 2011 Link to this post

    Hi Stoich,

    Thank you for your effort so far.
    Unfortunately our company has a strict policy about their products, so it's not possible
    to give access or send you the application anyhow.
    Therefore I am aware, that this way you will be unable to reproduce the problem and help me.

    I tried to connect to one of your demo applications (weatherstation) instead of our own and
    everything worked a lot faster (but still took a second to do every operation).
    I think it would be possible for you to do some WebAii performance tests using your own products.
    There must be a difference between the times, the framework needs for every operation in a smaller SL app and a Huge SL app.

    With hope, that you will include some research and testing about this problem in your development process, I thank you.
    If you come up with some news, please let me know.

    Best regards

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