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11:00 AM - 5:00 PM Balkan Botev | 6th Floor

Technical Session: Getting Started with Xamarin.Forms

It’s 2019 and we have to support Mobile form factors to reach our audiences. How do you build for plethora of platforms using a single code base? Xamarin.Forms is a great solution - .NET developers get to reuse their skills to build native cross-platform mobile apps for iOS, Android & more. Come understand the technology & build something fun, in a friendly and inviting environment.

To get the most out of this part of our day together, please make sure to bring you laptop and download & install Visual Studio 2019 in advance. Use the link below to get Visual Studio 2019 on your computer.

Be Awesome: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome - the overwhelming feeling that people will expose you as a fraud – is a real thing that most everyone experiences at one time or another. In this interactive session, we’ll talk about some of the underlying factors that contribute to this feeling, how to identify them and how to overcome that feeling.

Path to Empowerment: Women in STEM Panel

Learn from women in a variety of STEM roles about the paths they took in their careers. We’ll learn about their successes in their industries, poignant moments in their careers, inspiring ways they’ve seen women helping women and much more. 

Better Together: Empowering with Community

There is a rich tech community in Europe. Join Rositsa Fakalieva as she outlines the opportunities that exist in Sofia and beyond to become involved in the developer community including Women Who Code Sofia, Meetups, Watch Parties and more.

HERStory: Influential Women in Tech

Join us as we explore influential women in the history of technology, their contributions to society and their industry, and lessons we can learn from them.

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