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Filtering and Expressions in RadGridView for WinForms

In this video, you will learn how to enable three different types of filtering on RadGridView for WinForms.

gridview-filtering-basic-filtering 001

User filtering in RadGridView is enabled using RadGridView.EnableFiltering or GridViewTemplate.EnableFiltering properties. By default, filtering is disabled at all levels.

[C#] Enable filtering Copy imageCopy
this.radGridView1.EnableFiltering = true;
this.radGridView1.MasterTemplate.EnableFiltering = true;
[VB.NET] Enable filtering Copy imageCopy
Me.RadGridView1.EnableFiltering = True
Me.RadGridView1.MasterTemplate.EnableFiltering = True


When filtering is enabled, each GridViewDataColumn column displays a filter box beneath the corresponding header.

gridview-filtering-basic-filtering 002

See End-User capabilities - Filtering for more information about how the end-user experiences filtering.