Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX

A number of Telerik controls render with absolute positioning and have their default z-indexes as shown below:

  • RadAjaxLoadingPanel—90000

  • RadAutoCompleteBox dropdown—7000

  • RadButton's SplitButton dropdown—7000

  • RadColorPicker popup—4001

  • RadComboBox dropdown—6000

  • RadDatePicker popup—5000

  • RadDropDownList dropdown—7000

  • RadDropDownTree dropdown—7000

  • RadFilter "add group/expression" dropdown—3500

  • RadFormDecorator - decorated dropdown—4007

  • RadGrid's PopUp edit form—2500

  • RadHtmlChart's tooltips—1000

  • RadLightBox—3006

  • RadListBox dragged item—6500

  • RadMenu—8000

  • RadNotification—10000

  • RadRibbonBar's Application Menu—9000

  • RadRibbonBar's RibbonBarGroup dropdown—9000

  • RadScheduler's PopUp edit form—2500

  • RadSearchBox dropdown—7000

  • RadSplitter's RadSlidingPane—2000

  • RadTile's PeekTemplate—1

  • RadTile while being dragged—99999

  • RadToolBar—9000

  • RadToolTip—8000

  • RadWindow—3000. If ShowOnTopWhenMaximized is true (its default value), a maximized RadWindow will have 100 000 for its z-index.

In different scenarios, you may need to change these values in order to ensure that one specific control will be shown above the other—for example RadWindow over RadMenu. To do this, you can simply set the value of the z-index property of every control by using the common style property, e.g.:

<telerik:RadWindowManager ID="RadWindowManager1" runat="server" Style="z-index: 12345">