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  • Overview

    The Telerik UI for JSP Form component is a replacement for the standard HTML form element but built to have everything you could ask of a Form control. It makes it simple to specify the input fields, to customize every detail about it or validate if the user has correctly entered the necessary data.
    Telerik UI for JSP Form Overview
  • Field Configuration

    Creating the fields in the Form is easy - provide information on the type of the field (e.g. is it a password, a number, a date or something else?), whether it should be validated or not, the label that should presented next to it to describe and you are done.
    Telerik UI for JSP Form Fields
  • Orientation and Layout

    It's up to you to decide if the elements in the Form should be laid out on a grid or in a Flexbox manner. You are also to decide whether the fields should be ordered horizontally or vertically. Or, if you don't feel like deciding - don't specify anything - our default will take care of everything.
    Telerik UI for JSP Form Orientation
  • Templates

    When you add the Telerik UI for JSP Form component to your page, it will have 2 buttons - "Clear" and "Submit" which will do exactly what you think they will. However, you wouldn't need these 2 in every form you will ever build so you can customize their number or their content. For example, you might want to a have a single "Accept Terms and Continue" on a EULA page.
  • Validation

    Validate the Form by providing your own callbacks for validation to the form as one entity and/or provide many validation callbacks for each of the fields. Validation can be also be configured in terms of when should it run (e.g. on blur?) and the template that will be used to display errors.
    Telerik UI for JSP Form Validation
  • Data Binding

    Bind your data model directly to the Form component and have it be automatically updated. More than that - the controll will automatically populate the form with a field for every property in the model!
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