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    Hello all, I am new to this forum, and this software, but I wanted to point out something that I noticed.  I recently started with the company that I am working for and I have been put in charge of re-making some software that was created by a previous person.  They lost the source code, and so all I have to work with is the finished product.  Thankfully the code was originally written in .NET so I am able to use decompilers such as this one.  I was try to use JustDecompile to recreate a routine that was supposed to generate a string variable that contained XML data based on records from a database.  However, when I look at it through JD, I noticed that I never saw anything that was writing data into the variable.  I knew the program worked, because my company uses it on a daily basis several times a day.  So I downloaded another decompiler which showed me that there was much more code than what JD was showing me.

    Here is JD's version of the decompiled code:
    Public Shared Sub GetRS_WtiteToXML(ByRef 400_conn As Connection, ByRef strTableName As String, ByRef PolicyID As String, ByRef intFile As Short, ByRef QuoteXML As String)
        Dim str As String
        Dim str2 As String
        Dim str3 As String
        Dim strArrays As String()
        GetRS_WriteToXML.rs = String.Concat(New String() { "SELECT * FROM ", strTableName, " WHERE POLICYNUMBER = '", PolicyID, "'" }).Execute(Dim obj As Object = Missing.Value, obj, -1)
        If ((Not GetRS_WriteToXML.rs.EOF And Not GetRS_WriteToXML.rs.BOF) <> 0) Then
            Dim count As Short = CShort(GetRS_WriteToXML.rs.Fields.Count)
            Dim num1 As Short = 1
            While Not GetRS_WriteToXML.rs.EOF
                Dim i As Short = Dim num2 As Short = CShort(count - 1)
                    Dim item As Field = GetRS_WriteToXML.rs.Fields(i)
                    If ((Information.IsDBNull(RuntimeHelpers.GetObjectValue(item.Value)) Or StringType.StrCmp(Strings.Trim(StringType.FromObject(item.Value)), "", False) = 0) <> 0) Then
                        Continue Do
                    End If
                    item = Nothing
                    Dim num3 As Short = intFile
                    i = CShort(i + 1)
                Loop While i <= num2
                num1 = CShort(num1 + 1)
            End While
        End If
        GetRS_WriteToXML.rs = Nothing
    End Sub

    And here is Dis#'s version of the decompiled code:
    Public Shared Sub GetRS_WtiteToXML(ByRef 400_conn As Connection, ByRef strTableName As String, ByRef PolicyID As String, ByRef intFile As Short, ByRef QuoteXML As String)
                Dim s1 As String, s2 As String, s3 As String
                Dim obj1 As Object = Missing.Value
                GetRS_WriteToXML.rs = 400_conn.Execute("SELECT * FROM " + strTableName + " WHERE POLICYNUMBER = '" + PolicyID + "'", ByRef obj1, -1)
                If Not GetRS_WriteToXML.rs.EOF And Not GetRS_WriteToXML.rs.BOF Then
                    strTableName = StringType.FromObject(GetRS_WriteToXML.rs.Fields(0).Value)
                    Dim sh3 As Short = CShort(GetRS_WriteToXML.rs.Fields.Count)
                    Dim sh1 As Short = 1
                    While Not GetRS_WriteToXML.rs.EOF
                        QuoteXML = QuoteXML + "<" + strTableName + ">"
                        Dim sh5 As Short = CShort((sh3 - 1))
                        Dim sh4 As Short = 1
                        While sh4 <= sh5
                            Dim field1 As Field = GetRS_WriteToXML.rs.Fields(sh4)
                            If Information.IsDBNull(RuntimeHelpers.GetObjectValue(field1.Value)) Or (StringType.StrCmp(Strings.Trim(StringType.FromObject(field1.Value)), "", False) = 0) Then
                                QuoteXML = QuoteXML + "<" + field1.Name + "/>"
                                QuoteXML = QuoteXML + "<" + field1.Name + ">" + Strings.Trim(StringType.FromObject(field1.Value)) + "</" + field1.Name + ">"
                            End If
                            field1 = Nothing
                            Dim sh2 As Short = intFile
                            sh4 = CShort((sh4 + 1))
                        End While
                        QuoteXML = QuoteXML + "</" + strTableName + ">"
                        sh1 = CShort((sh1 + 1))
                    End While
                End If
                GetRS_WriteToXML.rs = Nothing
            End Sub

    As you can see there are SEVERAL differences between the two decompiles.  Firstly, where it executes the sql statement to fill the recordset you will notice that Dis# does it properly by using the connection variable to execute and fill the recordset.  JD has "some text".Execute?!  That doesn't make much sense.  Also, and this was what was catching me up, within the nested While statement "While sh4 <= sh5" (Dis#'s version), you will notice that there it is actually setting the QuoteXML variable to be equal to data retrieved from the recordset.  JD doesn't have ANYTHING as far as writing ANY data into that variable.

    I understand that JD is free, and also that it is in the beta phase.  I am by no means disappointed with the product, especially since it is really the only free one that I have found.  I just wanted to let someone know that there is a major issue with the decomplation of the assembly's.  If this was intended to be this way, then I apologize for my post.
  2. Tsviatko Yovtchev
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    Posted 01 Nov 2011 Link to this post

    Hi Eric,

     Thanks a bunch for letting us know about this. It's definitely not intended to be that way. What you see indicates a problem.

    Is it possible that you send over the assembly where that code is? You could use tsviatko.yovtchev at telerik.com. Rather unfortunately that's the only way we can figure out what goes on there.

    Tsviatko Yovtchev
    the Telerik team

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