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v0.4.0 (10/14/16)

Bug Fixes

  • display of items in IE, disabled items should not have tabindex (b22a4519)
  • improve keydown handler for IE (4975aec0)
  • UX related issues (cfcf8e4f)
  • remove the stopPropagation for dragover, after adding SortableService (dc199082)
  • show hint during drag on mobile devices (76d9251e)


v0.3.1 (09/28/16)

Bug Fixes

  • moved @angular packages as peerDependencies (27ce620e)

v0.3.0 (09/15/16)


  • upgrade to Angular 2.0 final (a15cd496)

v0.2.1 (09/14/16)

Bug Fixes

  • downgrade TypeScript to 1.8 (1a415020)

v0.2.0 (09/13/16)

Initial version of Angular Sortable component.

Supported features:

  • Data binding to collection of items.
  • Templates for customization of the items appearance.
  • Reordering items using drag with mouse and fingers
  • Disabling items
  • Allows setting different styling for disabled, enabled, empty and currently dragged item.
  • Dragging items between multiple Sortable components by specifying zones
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