PHP TreeList

  • Keyboard Navigation

    The name gives it away, but we have officially added full keyboard navigation support to the TreeList component.

  • 005-treelist-batch-editing

    Batch/In-Cell Editing

    As the name gives away in-cell (or “batch” as it is called as well) allows end-users to edit individual cells rather than putting an entire row in edit mode. Updates, additions, or items that have been removed, can then Be synced in one single request going back to the server.

  • Client-Side Paging

    This feature is intended to help with large data sets within the TreeList. It is currently specifically for the client-side, which means that all of the data has been loaded on the client, but this new feature should help tremendously in the way of performance.

  • 003-treelist-multi-column-headers

    Multi-Column Headers

    Often times we may want to showcase that the headers of a grid are part of a particular category or group, which is where multi-column headers come in to play! This gives you the option to define a column which might span over several sub-columns.

  • Filter Row

    You can enable a filter row in the header of the PHP TreeList by setting its filterable property to row. Based on the column data type, the filter row displays the appropriate filter type for string, numeric or date inputs and the list of available filter operands such as “starts with,” “contains,” “is equal to,” etc. 

    Telerik UI for PHP TreeList Filter Row
  • Telerik UI for PHP TreeList Row Template

    Row Template

    The TreeList row template offers flexible customization options for styling the rows’ appearance. You can render anything from plain text to images, icons, link buttons and formatted multi-line descriptions. 

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