UI for PHP

PHP Tooltip

  • Part of the Telerik UI for PHP library along with 100+ professionally-designed components.
  • Includes support, documentation, demos and more!
  • Accessibility

    Telerik Kendo UI Tooltip is compliant with Section 508 and WCAG guidelines, perfect for scenarios where accessibility is a concern.

  • Client-Side API

    With its rich client-side API, you can easily modify and interact with the Tooltip component in JavaScript. With events allowing you to hook into any interaction, and API methods enabling you to alter the TreeView as needed, you can add a lot of client-side interactivity. 

  • Overview

    You can enrich the UX of your web project by using the Telerik Kendo UI ToolTip control. The tool is context-sensitive and displays dynamic content, detailed information, overlaid forms, or just about anything that should appear over a given element OnMouseOver event. The Tooltip area is customizable and can be loaded on demand using different animations or images.

  • Keyboard Support

    Use the keyboard for almost any action triggered by a mouse, with Kendo UI Tooltip. This includes navigating to a different view, traversing visible appointments, creating a new item, opening an existing item and more.

  • Inherit Kendo UI Framework Features

    By using DateTimePicker widget, you will inherit standard Kendo UI framework benefits such as MVVM, Customizing Templates, RTL support, Globalization.

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