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  • Overview

    The Telerik Kendo UI DataViz QRCode widget helps you easily generate QR codes for your website. QR codes— short for “Quick Response” – are used to encode information such as URLs, email addresses, phone numbers or other data used by mobile devices. Once the information is encoded, your phone or tablet can scan the QR code with its built-in camera, then load information directly to the device. The Kendo UI DataViz QRCode widget makes this simple and work across all major platforms and devices with graphics rendered using HTML5 Canvas or SVG. It further has a fallback to VML for older browsers.

  • Integration

    With the flexibility always found within a Telerik control, the QR control can easily integrate into any other HTML5 control. 

  • QR Code Generation

    Use Kendo UI DataViz QR Code to easily transform URL, text content, phone number or other strings into QR codes for any chosen standard. 

  • Support for Logo/Image as Part of the QR Code

    The QR Code component comes with flexible customization options. By using an image URL with set height and width, users can add custom images or logos in the QR Code to match the look and feel of their app design. 

    Telerik UI for PHP QR Code Support for Logo/Image as Part of the QR Code
  • Swiss QR Code

    Swiss QR codes are also supported by the Telerik UI for PHP QR Code component. With Switzerland’s new payment standard, the QR-bill is a replacement of the traditional digital QR codes payment slips, making payments easier, faster and more efficient. 

    Telerik UI for PHP QR Code Swiss QR Code

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