Kendo UI R1 2021 Release Webinar

24+ New Native Components across Angular, React, jQuery & Vue,
Plus, Angular 11 & React 17 Support!

Webinar: Thursday, January 28 | 11 am – 1 pm ET
Twitch Session: Friday, January 29 | 8 am – 5 pm ET

The Only JavaScript UI Library You Will Ever Need!

The Kendo UI engineering teams have been hard at work to build useful new UI components, enhance your JavaScript Grids and add a ton of other updates. Our goal is and always has been to help you build and deliver even the most technically complex JavaScript projects quickly, with ease and for the lowest cost.

We’re shipping our R1 release on January 20, 2021. Join the live Kendo UI R1 2021 release webinar on Thursday, January 28, 2020 at 11 am ET as our Developer Advocates Alyssa Nicoll, TJ VanToll and Product Manager Carl Bergenhem present in detail the major updates across JavaScript web.

Join the full-day live session on Twitch on Friday, January 29, 8.00 am – 5 pm ET to see the newly released components and features in action and get ideas on how to use them in your projects.

Highlights We’ll Cover During the Live Webinar:

Kendo UI for Angular

  • New components: DropDownTree, MultiColumnBox, TileLayout, Floating Action Button, ExpansionPanel, TextArea
  • New features and improvements:
    • Grid and TreeList feature - Responsive pager
    • ListView - Built-in editing, keyboard navigation, accessibility compliance (Section 508, WCAG 2.0, WAI-ARIA)
    • TreeView - Built-in search and filtering
    • Editor - Support for more HTML5 elements in the content area, custom schema support
    • TimePicker and DateTimePicker - Millisecond Support
  • Angular 11 support


  • New components: TileLayout, DropDownTree, MultiColumnComboBox, FloatingActionButton, BottomNavigation, ListBox, Icon, SvgIcon
  • New features and improvements:
    • Grid - Built-in keyboard navigation and state management for data cells
    • TreeList - Built-in keyboard navigation
    • Gantt Chart - Built-in keyboard navigation
    • Editor - Improved keyboard navigation for the Toolbar
    • Avatar - New options and updated design
    • Scheduler - CurrentTimeMarker feature and customizable edit form
    • Common (includes Inputs, Buttons, Layout, Grid, ProgressBar, TreeList, Upload) – Improved interfaces for better consistency and usability interfaces for better consistency and usability
  • React 17 support

Kendo UI for Vue

  • New native components: MultiSelect, Window, TimePicker, DateTimePicker, Slider
  • New Grid features: Keyboard navigation, multi-select on the column menu

Kendo UI for jQuery

  • New components: Floating Action Button, BottomNavigation, ExpansionPanel, RadioGroup, CheckboxGroup
  • New features and improvements:
    • Grid - Control export settings on a column basis, Image support in Excel export, sort or group items in the column menu, updated column menu design
    • ListView - Grouping
    • Improved accessibility - Keyboard navigation for ScrollView, Drawer, Timeline, TileLayout
    • TileLayout - Enhanced ability to add or remove Titles 

The Speakers:

Alyssa Nicoll

Alyssa Nicoll
Angular Developer Advocate & GDE, Progress

Alyssa is an Angular Developer Advocate & GDE. Her two degrees (Web Design & Development and Psychology) feed her speaking career. She has spoken at over 30 conferences internationally, specializing in motivational soft talks, enjoys gaming on Xbox and scuba diving in her spare time. Her DM is always open, come talk sometime.

TJ VanToll

TJ VanToll
Principal Developer Advocate, Progress

TJ VanToll is a frontend developer, author, and a Principal Developer Advocate for Progress. TJ has over a decade of web development experience, including a few years working on the jQuery and NativeScript teams. Nowadays he helps web developers build awesome UIs with KendoReact.

Carl Bergenhem

Carl Bergenhem
Product Manager for Kendo UI, Progress

Carl Bergenhem is the Product Manager for Kendo UI. Throughout his time at Telerik/Progress he has covered the entire portfolio of products offered, but mainly spent his time in the web development arena covering ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET MVC, and JavaScript-based products. He’s passionate about web technologies and tries to stay on top of all JavaScript libraries and frameworks relating to Kendo UI, developing with jQuery, Angular, React, and Vue on a regular basis. In his free time, Carl enjoys slaying virtual monsters, snowboarding and playing his guitar.

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