Designing a Conversational
Chatbot Experience:

Tales from the Trenches

NativeChat Webinar

If you’ve tried to build a chatbot before, you’ll likely agree that achieving quality human-computer interaction poses challenges. Beyond natural language understanding and the personality of a chatbot, developers need to account for unexpected scenarios, ambiguities and other normally occurring human behaviors during conversation.

In this webinar, Hristo Borisov will share best practices for creating modern conversational chatbots based on his firsthand experience from conceptualizing and building Progress® NativeChat, the AI-driven platform for creating and deploying chatbots.

This webinar will cover:

  • Technical challenges and how to overcome them
  • Conversational UI & UX examples
  • The “Siri syndrome” - what it is and how to overcome it

Bonus: We’ll also give you a demo of the technology that powers NativeChat—CognitiveFlow™. This technology enables NativeChat chatbots to be trained automatically with goals, examples and data from backend systems. 


Hristo Borisov
Hristo Borisov Director of Product Management,
Progress NativeChat 

Hristo is responsible for bootstrapping and leading new products at the company in new and emerging markets. The latest product that Hristo is leading is in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning space and is called NativeChat. Hristo is a passionate advocate of applying lean startup practices in existing and start-up organizations, discovering scalable and sustainable business models through product and customer development.

Watch the recording: