Troubleshoot Customer Issues With Less Back and Forth

Webinar on Demand

Troubleshooting customer issues can be difficult and logs captured on the server typically don't give a full picture to identify and isolate issues. That compels support and development teams into a lot of back-and-forth screen sharing sessions with customers, frustrating the customer and increasing overall issue resolution time.

A better way is to capture logs at the source by pulling in HTTP/S network logs where the issue is reproducible. That’s where Fiddler and its suite of tools can help capture and troubleshoot issues faster.

In this webinar, we’ll walk you through how you can use Fiddler to capture network traffic in customer environments, and also introduce a new solution—"Fiddler Jam"—which you can use to enable customers to submit logs with a simple Chrome extension in a self-service way with less back and forth.



Nischal Reddy
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