Debugging React Apps with Chrome DevTools and Fiddler

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As React continues to take the JavaScript world by storm, frontend developers want to improve efficiencies in their development workflow.

A good example of this is in debugging. By using browser developer tools such as Chrome DevTools or Firefox Developer Tools, we can manipulate the DOM, alter CSS, debug JavaScript and inspect network activity. Great! But what if we could do even more? Enter Fiddler Everywhere.

Fiddler Everywhere is the next iteration of the Fiddler line of network inspection and debugging tools. Available on macOS, Windows and Linux, Fiddler Everywhere complements your browser developer tools and allows you to dive deep into your network stack.

You can record requests, manipulate them, play them back—and even mock requests and create "auto responders" to mimic various network conditions.

Join us as we dive into React web development and how to effectively debug these apps using Chrome DevTools alongside Fiddler.


Rob Lauer
Senior Manager, Developer Relations, Progress
TJ VanToll
Sebastian Witalec
Developer Relations,

About Fiddler Everywhere:

Fiddler Everywhere is a web debugging tool for logging HTTP/S traffic. Inspect traffic, mock requests/responses, share sessions, collaborate within teams to debug issues.

About KendoReact:

KendoReact is a professional UI and data visualization component library for React. With KendoReact, developers get an immediate productivity boost and business get shorter time-to-market for their web apps.

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