Fiddler-Composer: When Inspecting Your Network Isn’t Enough for Debugging

On-Demand Webinar

Debugging for we developers typically requires these steps:

Step 1. Observe inputs and outputs.
Step 2. Modify inputs, execute the program and again observe outputs.
Step 3. Repeat until the bug is squashed!

When it comes to debugging network traffic, there are very few tools that handle Step 1 and even fewer that provide developers the ability to modify inputs on the fly (Step 2) and then observe our new outputs. Hence most network debugging tools aren't equipped to support the full network debugging lifecycle.

This is where Fiddler Composer shines! This webinar covers how using Fiddler Composer in conjunction with Fiddler Inspector lets you:

  • Observe traffic from your apps and inspect it
  • Modify requests and re-send inputs
  • Compose http requests (REST and otherwise) from scratch, providing you full control of headers, methods, URLs, params, and so on
Vaibhav Kapoor
Vaibhav Kapoor
Senior Software Architect
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