Fiddler Everywhere for the Fiddler Classic User 

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With the release of Fiddler Everywhere, many Fiddler Classic users are probably starting to ask, “who moved my cheese!?” This is a common way of expressing frustration over changes in the way we work. Fiddler Everywhere is certainly a change for Fiddler users as we need to re-learn how we solve the same problems in a new environment. 

Fiddler Everywhere is a modern re-working of the Fiddler we’ve known and loved for years. With a more engaging user experience, the ability to run on any platform, and a suite of new features, Fiddler Everywhere truly is becoming the future of Fiddler. 

In this webinar we are going to take a close look at:  

  • Where to find our favorite Fiddler Classic features in Fiddler Everywhere 

  • Brand-new features available only in Fiddler Everywhere 

  • What the future holds for the Fiddler ecosystem! 


Rob Lauer
Rob Lauer
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