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  • Use a NativeScript Testing Plugin

    Easily instrument your NativeScript app to make it testable with Test Studio. Leverage a purpose-built plugin to extend your app with a few quick commands. See how it’s done

  • Test Any NativeScript App

    Easily create automated tests for your NativeScript apps and run them against real devices or simulators without a single line of code. Whether you're using Angular, JavaScript or TypeScript, Test Studio provides first-class support for your truly native mobile apps.

  • Easily Update Tests

    Reduce test maintenance with Test Studio. Test elements are stored, shared and referenced from a central repository. Updating a test element across multiple tests just takes a click or two.

  • Code Your Own Steps

    Easily collaborate with testers. Code more complex testing scenarios and test step Code more complex testing scenarios and test steps that can be easily added to your testers’ recorded tests.

  • Run Tests Around The Clock

    Use Test Studio Runner to plug your tests into your continuous integration process. That empowers testers to schedule their mobile test lists and run them 24/7.

  • Test on Hundreds of Devices

    Record and test multiple gestures such as scroll, zoom, swipe and pinch, then run your test across 500+ unique Android and iOS devices. Get a detailed online report accompanied with a screenshot of every single test step you've created.


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Test Studio and Testdroid join forces to help you leverage the most comprehensive device cloud

  • Run tests on real Android and iOS devices
  • Leverage 4000+ devices in the cloud
  • Capture screenshots of each test step on each device
  • Get comprehensive and easy to analyze results on the Testdroid portal