Test Studio Mobile

Test Studio Mobile is the latest addition to Test Studio solution, which is an intuitive and easy to use test automation solution for mobile application testing

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Test Studio Mobile Features

  1. Automate Native and Web iOS & Android

    Run automated tests on real devices as well as emulators without writing a single line of code. Create test once and run it on multiple devices. Watch video

  1. Update your automated tests quickly

    Test elements are stored in a shared Element repository on a project level and the same element can be used across multiple tests by referencing it from the element repository.

  1. Load testing for Mobile applications

    Connect your device(s) to Test Studio’s built-in remote proxy to quickly capture scenarios for load testing.

  1. Connect your devices via USB

    Connect your iOS and Android devices directly via USB connection. 

  1. CI with source control

    Integrate with Source Control systems and build servers like Jenkins and Team City to facilitate collaboration between QAs and developers by enabling them to check-in at the same time and independently.

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  1. Test using Device Cloud

    Send your Test Studio Mobile tests along with your instrumented app to our device cloud. Create custom device lists leveraging over 350 iOS and Android devices in the cloud. View detailed results from the test runs in the cloud. Coming soon.

Why Choose Test Studio for Mobile Testing


Ease of Use

Easy to adopt, use and maintain, Test Studio is simply the user-friendliest testing tool on the market. Create tests once using the powerful recorder and test across multiple devices, platforms, browsers and OS’s all without a single line of code.


Team Collaboration

Testers can design and maintain tests and pass them to developers through source control to assist with more complex, edge-case scenarios.

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Test Automation

Build, edit and execute tests with just a few clicks. Faster go to market for Mobile applications by automating your mobile testing efforts.

Test your mobile app on 470+ real devices

Test Studio and Testdroid joint forces to help you leverage the most comprehensive device cloud:

  • Run tests on real Android & iOS devices
  • Leverage 4000+ devices in the cloud
  • Capture screenshots of each test step on each device
  • Get Comprehensive and easy to analyze results on the Testdroid portal

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