Rename the Test Case after running the test case multiple times.

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  1. Shashikant
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    I have query regarding the renaming of Test Cases in Telerik Test Studio.

    I have recorded a test case (and it steps), and executed them successfully multiple times.


    Few days later we got a new naming convention and have to change the name of the all the Test Case (and its Steps).

    By doing this my test stop executing,and there is an error( in a coded step)  that the definition of object does not exists.

  2. Nikolay Petrov
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    Hello Shashikant,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Which version of the product do you use? I could not reproduce this problem using latest internal build (2016.2.824).

    Check the names of the methods related to your coded steps. Try to reconnect the coded step to its method. Methods contains the name of the test as a part of their names. Due to renaming of the test or the step there could be naming problem concerning the related method.

    Let me know if this fix the issue.

    Nikolay Petrov
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  3. chris
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    If you rename a test case that has a coded step, it will break the test case. 

    Moving, Copying, cloning, renaming Test Cases:             
    Coded tests with .cs dependency’s are not updated. Make sure to update the .cs files associated to the test list. 

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