Components Overview

Components represent the elements of your web application.

  • The Builder delivers built-in components and supports the implementation of custom components.
  • The built-in components are the Kendo UI components that are delivered by Kendo UI for Angular or Kendo UI for jQuery.
  • You can add, modify, use, and remove components in the Blank and App Layout views only.


Charts allow users to visualize and output graphical representations of data.

Custom Html

The Custom HTML components delivers options that allow you to use custom HTML to manage and modify specific elements of the web application.

Data Management

Data management components enable users to interact with data and handle data operations such as filtering, selection, and reordering.


Layout components create an intuitive layout of web projects and provide for an easier navigation.


Media components display visual or dynamic content in a user-friendly way.


Navigation components display data in a particular, usually hierarchical, order so that it is easier to trace the relations between the data.


Site components provide options for designing the layout of the web application on generic level and are available in the App Layout view only.


Schedulers display and help users to manage tasks and appointments.

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