The Builder supports the Angular and AngularJS frameworks.


In your web application, you can implement native Kendo UI for Angular components and Kendo UI for jQuery widgets which are integrated with AngularJS.

For both the Angular and AngularJS frameworks you can use components to the Blank and App Layout views only. The component properties and functionalities which are supported by the Builder might not have a full parity with the properties and functionalities which Kendo UI for Angular and Kendo UI for jQuery deliver.

If the behavior of the Builder components differs for each framework, this framework-specific information is included in the corresponding feature article. For example, the customization approaches of the application code differ in Angular and AngularJS, and the respective details are included into the topic on custom code.

When the Builder generates an Angular application, it generates an Angular CLI-compliant configuration. This means that once generated, you can readily use and further develop the application directly without the need of the Builder.

Supported Versions

Angular version 5 or later
AngularJS version 1.6 or later
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