Globalization Overview

Globalization is a process which combines the translation of messages (localization) and the usage of specific culture locales (internationalization).

The Builder does not provide right-to-left (RTL) support.

The messages in an application that is generated by the Kendo UI Builder consists of:

  • Component strings—Represent the translatable content that appears within the components that are included in the project.

    Each Kendo UI component you add to the web project supports the globalization features that are delivered by the respective Kendo UI suite. For example, the Kendo UI for Angular Grid provides support for internationalization and localization according to the article on globalization.

  • Application strings—Represent the translatable content that appears in the generated application apart from the component messages. The change of the culture locale and the implementation of the application translations is done manually. For more information, refer to the article on message translations and culture modification.

The Builder organizes its translatable messages in the key:value pair format which is drawn from the utilized translation libraries.

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