This article provides solutions for issues you might encounter while working with the Kendo UI Builder.

Sources for Debugging

You can locate possible problems, investigate them accordingly, and debug your web project by using the available debugging options.

To debug your web application before it is published:

  • The KUIBLog.log file—The KUIBLog.log file stores all detected application errors and is generated every time the application is generated through the Generate output option. To debug the project, open KUIBLog.log and look into its output.

    On Windows, KUIBLog.log is located in C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\KendoUIBuilder\KUIBLog.log.
    On MacOS, KUIBLog.log is located in ...

  • Popup notifications&mdashh;The Builder renders popup notifications for the successful and unsuccessful fulfilment of commands that were submitted through its UI. For example, if the Builder was not able to load a data provider or render a custom template, it will display a popup notification for the unsuccessful operation.

  • The >_ OUTPUT bar—>_ OUTPUT displays the log messages of the application. The logger is located at the bottom of each Builder page.
  • The Toggle Developer Tools option—Toggle Developer Tools simulates debugging in the browser. To open the console log window, go to the Builder toolbar and select Help > Toggle Developer Tools.
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