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    I have a problem with Kendo Pie chart about "Aggregate" functions(count, sum, average).Everyting works with Bar or Column chart but when i try to show pie chart i can't use count, sum, average functions of Kendo Pie Chart's.

    I can show my values invidually but i can't group my values(like euro, dolar, lira)How can i group my values and show them with Pie chart?

    Here is my model:
    public decimal MoneyValue{ get; set; }
    public string MoneyName{ get; set; }

    My values are coming like that with Pie Chart.:
    Euro - 10
    Dolar- 100
    Dolar - 50
    Euro -15
    Dolar - 50
    Lira - 45

    I need to show values like that:
    Euro - Count: 2 Total:25 Avg: 12,5
    Dolar - Count: 3 Total: 200 Avg: 66,6
    Lira Count: 1 Total: 200 Avg: 200

    View Code

    View Code@(Html.Kendo().Chart(Model)
    .Title(title => title
    .Legend(legend => legend
    .Series(series =>
    series.Pie(model => model.MoneyValue, categoryExpression: model => model.MoneyName);
    // .Aggregate(ChartSeriesAggregate.Count)
    //.Labels(labels => labels.Visible(true).Position(ChartBarLabelsPosition.Center));

    //here i get the error. It shows there is no .Aggregate function so i can't group my values.


    .Tooltip(tooltip => tooltip
    .Template("#= category #: #= value #"))
    .Events(ev => ev.DataBound("onDB"))


    Kendo Count - Sum - Average functions:(i've no problem with them, they work correctly.)<div class="configuration-horizontal">

    <div class="config-section">
    <span class="configHead">Grafik </span>
    <ul class="options">

    <input id="aggregateSum" name="aggregate" type="radio" value="sum" autocomplete="off" />


    <input id="aggregateAvg" name="aggregate" type="radio" value="avg"
    autocomplete="off" />


    <input id="aggregateCount" name="aggregate" type="radio" value="count" checked="checked" autocomplete="off" />



    $(".configuration-horizontal").bind("change", refresh);

    function refresh() {
    var chart = $("#chart").data("kendoChart"),
    series = chart.options.series,
    categoryAxis = chart.options.categoryAxis,
    baseUnitInputs = $("input:radio[name=baseUnit]"),
    aggregateInputs = $("input:radio[name=aggregate]");

    for (var i = 0, length = series.length; i < length; i++) {
    series[i].aggregate = aggregateInputs.filter(":checked").val();

    categoryAxis.baseUnit = baseUnitInputs.filter(":checked").val();

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    Hristo Germanov
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    Posted 17 Oct 2014 Link to this post

    Hello Gokhan,

    Currently the Kendo UI Chart doesn't support aggregates for Pie series. I would suggest to submit your request in Kendo's UserVoice so other members of the community can evaluate, comment on and vote for it. 

    Hristo Germanov

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    Posted 17 Oct 2014 in reply to Hristo Germanov Link to this post

    Thank you. I will.
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