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  1. Matt
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    Posted 14 Aug 2009 Link to this post

    Hi we are evaluating telerik controls for use in our application.

    Problem:   The series won't change colors when the color is set at runtime.

    I'm using ChartFX Winforms 2009 Q2

    I am creating a solution where a chart is embedded in a Grid cell. 
    I use the grid.cellformatting event to set the grid image if the rowinfo tag has not been set, much like is suggested in the telerik sample for: Multiple child views with RadGridView for WinForms

    To simplify the test, I just default the series bar value to: "series.Appearance.FillStyle.MainColor = Drawing.Color.Green " (see bulleted line in code block below)

    Eventually I need to add a piece of code that will set the series color based on the value.  For now I have just defaulted the value to show as green.

    I have referenced other posts in the forum and added the lines to updategraphics, refresh, and still could not get the series to turn green.

        Private _chart As New RadChart 

     Private Sub PrepareChart() 
            Dim radChart As New GridToleranceChart 
            Me._chart = radChart.chart 
            Me._chart.SkinsOverrideStyles = False 
        End Sub 
    GridToleranceChart is a usercontrol that has a radchart on it.  I use an instance of this usercontrol, and reference its public chart property, so I could set some visual elements at designtime.  PrepareChart is called when the form loads.

    Private Sub grid_CellFormatting(ByVal sender As Object, _ 
            ByVal e As CellFormattingEventArgs) _ 
            Handles grid.CellFormatting 
            Dim column As GridViewDataColumn = TryCast(e.CellElement.ColumnInfo, GridViewImageColumn) 
            If column IsNot Nothing AndAlso StrComp(column.FieldName, _ 
                Constants.DefaultToleranceColumnNames.TolPercentChart, CompareMethod.Text) = 0 Then 
                If e.CellElement.RowInfo.Tag Is Nothing Then 
                    column.Width = 300 
                    column.AllowResize = False 
                    e.CellElement.RowElement.RowInfo.Height = 60 
                    Dim series As New Telerik.Charting.ChartSeries() 
    •              series.Appearance.FillStyle.MainColor = Drawing.Color.Green 
                    series.Type = Telerik.Charting.ChartSeriesType.Bar 
                    series.Name = "percentOfTolSeries" 
                    series.Appearance.LabelAppearance.Visible = False 
                    ' Get the value to add to the series from another cell in the same row of the cell that is being edited 
                    ' Add the value to the series 
                    Dim rowInfo As GridViewRowInfo = TryCast(e.CellElement.RowInfo, GridViewDataRowInfo) 
                    Dim value As Decimal = CDec(rowInfo.Cells(Constants.DefaultToleranceColumnNames.PercentOfTol).Value) 
                    series.Items.Add(New Telerik.Charting.ChartSeriesItem(value)) 
                    e.CellElement.RowInfo.Tag = Me._chart.GetBitmap() 
                End If 
                e.CellElement.Image = TryCast(e.CellElement.RowInfo.Tag, System.Drawing.Image) 
                e.CellElement.ImageLayout = ImageLayout.Center 
                e.CellElement.DrawBorder = False 
                e.CellElement.Text = "" 
                e.CellElement.Padding = New Padding(0, 0, 0, 0) 
            End If 
        End Sub 

    Your help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Robert
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    Posted 15 Aug 2009 Link to this post


    Try setting the FillType on the series as well.

    series.Appearance.FillStyle.FillType = Telerik.Charting.Styles.FillType.Solid; 
    series.Appearance.FillStyle.MainColor = Color.Green; 

    I hope this helps.

    - Robert
  3. Matt
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    Posted 01 Sep 2009 Link to this post

    I guess my code was working.  My values were too small to register on the grid.  since the values were < 1, the only thing that was rendering was the bar's border, which was white.  ID10T error.  Thanks for the quick response and the suggestion though.
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