TabStrip loading partial view having multiple levels of partial views

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    I am facing an issue with the TabStrip (Q2 2015). Here is the declaration:

    02. .Name("documents")
    03. .Scrollable(false)
    04. .Items(tabstrip =>
    05. {
    07. .Selected(true)
    08. .LoadContentFrom("LoadDocumentsTabView", "Documents");
    10.                                    tabstrip.Add().Text("Marketing Material")
    11. .LoadContentFrom("LoadMarketingMaterialTabView", "Documents", new { area = "Documents");
    13.tabstrip.Add().Text("Contracts Agreements")
    14. .LoadContentFrom("LoadContractsAgreementsTabView", "Documents");
    15. })
    16. )

    Let's focus on the first tab, which is "Documents". This is the method called on the controller:

    1.public PartialViewResult LoadDocumentsTabView()
    3.    return PartialView("~/Areas/Documents/Views/Tabs/_Documents.cshtml");
     This partial view is composed of some partial views, and some of these partial views are also calling some partial views. So I have multiple levels of partial views.

     The problem with this is that the TabString doesn't show anything. When I set breakpoints in my controllers, everything is called as expected.

     Am I missing a configuration somewhere?


    Thanks for any help.

  2. Mathieu
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    Posted 26 Jun 2015 in reply to Mathieu Link to this post

    Ok I had a typo error in the view name, this is why the tab was blank... Problem solved!
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