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    I'm just starting out with WPF and with the Telerik controls and am trying to work with RadWindow; I'm following the example in "User RadWinfow as UserControl" and the window is running but it is not displaying on the screen. I've followed the example to the letter so stuck as to what the issue is?

    The RadWindow XAML is as per the example:

    <telerik:RadWindow x:Class="Temp.TelerikScenario1"
    Header="TelerikScenario1" Height="300" Width="300">

    and so is the code:

    public partial class TelerikScenario1
    public TelerikScenario1()

    Then I try to open in the MainWindow.xaml.cs:


    public MainWindow()
    TelerikScenario1 window = new TelerikScenario1();

    And whilst I can see the code is running for the TelerikScenario1 RadWindow it is not displayed on the screen? (if I declare a new Radwindow in c#  "RadWindow radWindow = new RadWindow();" then that opens fine).


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    Hello Andrey,

    Thank you for your interest in UI for WPF.

    I guess that you're using Implicit Styles to apply a theme to our WPF controls - in this case RadWindow will not receive its Style automatically as it's already of different type ( TelerikScenario1 ), so you should manually add the required Styles inside App.xaml like this:

            <Style TargetType="local:TelerikScenario1" BasedOn="{StaticResource RadWindowStyle}" />

    where local refers to the namespace where RadWindow is placed. In the concrete case, it should be set like this:


    I hope this would be helpful. If you have any additional questions, let us know.

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  4. Andrew
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    Posted 25 Apr in reply to Yana Link to this post

    Thanks Yana, thats sorted it. Appreciate the fast help!
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