0->null on update problem, nothing seems to change it

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  1. Steve
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    Posted 15 Jul Link to this post

    So re: the ongoing issue where OA assumes 0 is the same as null...

    This is my model def

    configuration.HasProperty(x => x.ProgramID).HasFieldName("programID").WithDataAccessKind(DataAccessKind.ReadWrite).ToColumn("programID").IsNullable().HasColumnType("smallint").HasPrecision(0).HasScale(0);


    I have tried everything I can think of, but it's always NULL into the DB when the value is 0.  *note* this is an UPDATE not ADD.

    This is what I'm currently trying...just throwing the sink at it

    if (data.Postgrad.ProgramId.Value == 0)
        user.MppStudentPg.ProgramID = -1;
        user.MppStudentPg.ProgramID = Convert.ToInt16(0);
    } else {
        user.MppStudentPg.ProgramID = Convert.ToInt16(data.Postgrad.ProgramId.Value);


    This worked in a previous OA release, but now it's back to not working

    user.MppStudentPg.ProgramID = Convert.ToInt16(data.Postgrad.ProgramId.Value);

    This issue is the same chuck of code from ticket# 943882 but I can't seem to update that ticket anymore I think because I renewed and there's no support anymore :/

    Not sure what to do...

  2. Steve
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    Posted 15 Jul Link to this post

    Even trying this... so a seperate callback to the DB to grab the core (non-nav) object.  In debug I see it set to 0, the second I call .SaveChanges() it's back to null

    if (data.Postgrad.ProgramId.Value == 0)
                                        var pgStudent = context.MppStudentPgs.FirstOrDefault(x => x.UserID == user.UserID);
                                        pgStudent.ProgramID = 1;
                                        pgStudent.ProgramID = 0;

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  4. Ralph Waldenmaier
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    Posted 18 Jul Link to this post

    Hello Steve,
    Thank you for providing your details. I was able to reproduce the reported behavior and also fix it using the latest version of the product. I was using the nuget packages in this case.
    The solution is to add a collection to the Program object and map it accordingly.

    Attached you can find a working example, but see the mapping before:
    MappingConfiguration<Product> productConfiguration = new MappingConfiguration<Product>();
    productConfiguration.MapType(x => new
        ID = x.ID,
        Price = x.Price,
        ProductName = x.ProductName,
        ProgramID = x.ProgramID
    productConfiguration.HasProperty(x => x.ID).IsIdentity(KeyGenerator.Autoinc);
    productConfiguration.HasProperty(x => x.ProgramID).HasFieldName("programID").WithDataAccessKind(DataAccessKind.ReadWrite).ToColumn("programID").IsNullable().HasColumnType("smallint").HasPrecision(0).HasScale(0);
    productConfiguration.HasAssociation(x => x.Program).ToColumn("programID").WithOpposite(x => x.Products);
    MappingConfiguration<Prog> progConfiguration = new MappingConfiguration<Prog>();
    progConfiguration.MapType(x => new
        ProgID = x.ProgID,
        Name = x.Name
    progConfiguration.HasProperty(x => x.ProgID).IsIdentity(KeyGenerator.Default);
    progConfiguration.HasProperty(x => x.Name).IsNullable();

    See the .HasAssociation part. I am referencing the other part with .WithOpposite. That was the key to fix the example provided.

    I hope this solves things on your side as well.
    Do come back in case you need further assistance.

    Ralph Waldenmaier
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  5. Steve
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    Posted 18 Jul in reply to Ralph Waldenmaier Link to this post

    Will try, can't thank you enough for this much detail on a FORUM post over a ticket...

    Sidenote, will this logic ever ever be fixed, it makes just no logical sense and we're the only orm that suffers from this problem.  Keeps adding a new layer to DB design to make sure we're not using 0's anywhere

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