Sample WPF Applications

Built With UI for WPF


Create powerful, responsive and scalable line-of-business and enterprise applications. No matter how much data you're dealing with, vivid, interactive UI does not come at the cost of performance. With Telerik® UI for WPF, you get only the best in variety, scope and design so you can create applications that impress end-users and executives alike.

CRM Application

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) sample application showcases a beautiful UI and real-time responsiveness while handling huge sets of data. The CRM application allows for convenient data visualization of contacts, opportunities and activities used in day-to-day activities of any sales team. This powerful application employs the following WPF UI controls:

CRM Application for WPF

Sales Manager Dashboard

Get the sales breakdown across products, countries and financial periods. Windows 8 UI theming and real-time customization ensure end-user value for any sales team. The Sales Manager Dashboard sample application was built with the following Telerik WPF controls:

Executive Dashboard

Follow sales trends across products, countries and quarters. Represent data in a convenient and user friendly way with Windows 8 theming and real-time customization. The following WPF UI controls were used to build the Executive Dashboard sample application:

WPF Executive Dashboard Sample App