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  1. James
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    I have an angular app that uses a listview to display a set of charts on multiple views.  All of the chart information is kept in a parent controller.  I am currently using line, bar, and stacked area charts.  On the initial load of the charts everything draws correctly. When I reorder the charts using drag and drop or when I try to draw the charts on another view, the stacked area charts do not redraw.  The canvas is there with the correct title, value axis, and category axis information but no actual graph.  If I look at the chart object in the Chrome Developer Tools, I can see the datasource set with valid data.  Any ideas about what could be causing this to happen?  I have attached images showing the initial load and the result after the drag and drop.

  2. James
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    Sep 2014

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    Also, when I switch views I see the following error for each chart that is displayed.  I don't know if this is related, and I'm not sure how to resolve it since this is all be done by Kendo.
    TypeError: Cannot read property 'destroy' of null
        at Pt.extend.destroy (kendo.all.min.js:69)
        at kendo.angular.min.js:9
        at r.$broadcast (angular.min.js:136)
        at r.$destroy (angular.min.js:132)
        at j (angular-ui-router.min.js:7)
        at angular-ui-router.min.js:7
        at angular.min.js:54
        at k (angular-ui-router.min.js:7)
        at angular-ui-router.min.js:7
        at r.$broadcast (angular.min.js:136)
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  4. Iliana Nikolova
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    Hi James,

    The provided information is not enough to determined what causes the issue. Is it possible to provide an isolated runnable example which we could test locally - this way we would be able to check what exactly is going wrong and advice you further?

    Iliana Nikolova
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