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  1. Ben Hayat
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    Posted 23 Aug 2011 Link to this post

    One of the powerful features of ASP.Net that has drawn many developers to build secure business applications, is having a complete membership/security/authentication/authorization system built into ASP.Net framework.

    Steve Forte mentions in his blog today how Telerik team is looking into providing a solution that developers don't have to glue all these libraries together and get them to work.

    Now my question is, what is the roadmap and plan to have a framework for security? How do we build secure apps that the data and forms are secured?

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    Posted 24 Aug 2011 Link to this post

    Hi Ben,

    From the perspective of Kendo UI, this is a bit out of scope. Kendo UI is a solution for front-end development. It does not replace server-side technologies, like ASP.NET, Rails, or PHP. The same membership solutions you use with those frameworks today are applicable to Kendo UI. The only difference is the interaction (where you may rely more on services for authentication/data than on full-page round trips).

    Same goes for data security. HTTPS, forms authentication, login-redirects- all of this still applies with Kendo UI, and in most cases the technique does not change.

    So to your question: You build secure apps with Kendo UI the same way you always have. You just get a richer, more responsive front-end on top of that security.

    Hope that helps.


  3. Kendo UI is VS 2017 Ready
  4. Ben Hayat
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    Posted 24 Aug 2011 Link to this post

    Thanks Todd;

    Yes, I should be putting my Silverlight hat on when thinking in Kendo and not my ASP.Net hat, which I need to approach it from service rather than server side (

  5. Jack
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    Posted 11 Oct 2011 Link to this post

    Authentication is definitely a server-side issue but authorization might impact client code.
    Especially you might want to enable/disable or show/hide UI controls like menus, toolbars and buttons based on roles.  
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Kendo UI is VS 2017 Ready