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    I have a grid, with a column called ProcessName, which contains data from various processes.

    In the codebehind, i can successfully create a filter like so:
    column = RadGrid2.MasterTableView.GetColumnSafe("ProcessName")
    column.CurrentFilterFunction = GridKnownFunction.EqualTo
    column.CurrentFilterValue = cboProductSelectedValue
    RadGrid2.MasterTableView.FilterExpression = "([ProcessName] = 'Process1')"

    This filters the grid as you would expect.
    I wish to find 2 values in the column, and believe I should use BETWEEN but i'm unsure of the syntax. I changed the code to:

    column = RadGrid2.MasterTableView.GetColumnSafe("ProcessName")
    column.CurrentFilterFunction = GridKnownFunction.Between
    column.CurrentFilterValue = "Process1 Process2"
    RadGrid2.MasterTableView.FilterExpression = "([ProcessName] BETWEEN 'Process1 Process2')"

    but it doesn't work. Could anyone help me please? 


  2. Elliott
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    Posted 03 May 2012 Link to this post

    I put a breakpoint on a simple filter (between a and b on a text field) and got this
    "((Convert.ToString(it["StoreName"]).ToUpper() >= "a".ToUpper()) AND ( Convert.ToString(it["StoreName"]).ToUpper() <= "b".ToUpper()))"
    so I would change your filter expression to be something like
    [ProcessName] >= "value of Process1" AND [ProcessName] <= "value of Process2"

    I don't think the double quotes around the column name are required unless you have imbedded spaces (for shame!) but the brackets are
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