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    I have 5 groups in my report (say Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4, Group 5)
    Group 1 - parent, Group 2 - child of Group 1, Group 3 - child of Group 2, Group 4 - child of Group 3 and Group 5 - child of Group 4

    Group 4 and Group 5 are by default true but Group 1, 2 & 3 depends on the parameter (with multivalue/checkboxes - Group 1, 2 ,3)
    i.e. user can choose combination of Group 1,2,3 or null

    How can I set it up in the Telerik Report Designer?

    Something like this--

    Group1 - depends on parameter value
    Group2 - depends on parameter value
    Group3 - depends on parameter value
    Group4 - always true
    Group5 - always true
    Data:- Name, Amount
    Data:-Total by Group4  Sum(Amount)

    It should always show the Data no matter what combination of parameters user choose or null.
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    Hi Johnny,

    You effectively have the right idea. You'll need to have valid (selected or default) values for both parameters before rendering the report. All the data selected by the data source with fields in the detail section will be displayed exactly once. All the data is first grouped based on the grouping expression you set in Group1, say by Category (Pants, Shirts, Shoes). Then - within those groups, the data is then grouped again based on the expression in Group2, say by Color (Red, Green, White) and finally grouped again my Group3 (striped Solid). Your data would be be displayed like this:

        (All Striped Red Pants)
        (All Solid Red Pants>
        (All Striped Green Pants)
        (All Solid Green Pants)


        (All Solid White Shoes)

    Does that makes sense?
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