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  1. ManniAT
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    who is responsible for the localization of the RadEditor (RadEditorDialogs) resources?
    They look very "machine translated" :)

    Examples: Extension is Translated to Verlangerung. (Verlängerung is correct spelled)
    But in German Verlängerung means something like lengthening or extension in the mann of "extension of a period".
    File - Extension is Datei Erweiterung

    Further there are other things like Akte (for file) - Akte means Record and not File which is Datei in German.

    There are no Umlauts which does not only look bad - it changes the meaning of words.
    --Seldom there are Umlauts like in Höhe (height) gültige (sometimes used - means valid)
    Drucken Sie "OK" Löschung zu bestätigen.
    First of all - there are words missing - this is like
    Press OK delete confirm - instead of Press OK to confirm delete.
    And Drucken (no Umlauts) means print and not press (push) which is Drücken (Umlaut).
    So the correct sentence would be:
    Drücken Sie "OK" um das Löschen zu bestätigen.
    Or simply:
    Drücken Sie OK zum Bestätigen (Press OK to confirm).

    Also other words "sound strange" - no one would say Bildnis to an Image.
    This some kind of poetic like in "The picture of Dorian Gray".
    For image you would use Bild in German.

    And last not least there are sentences which make absolutely no sense like:
    Bitte versorgt eine gultige Akte.
    Versorgt (versorgen) means to supply sb. with something.
    The sentence is like
    Please supply Peter (with food).
    Where Peter is "valid File" and with food is missing :)
    The simplest translation would be
    Bitte verwenden Sie eine gültige Datei. - Pleas use a valid file.

    My favorites:
    Bitte versorgt eine Akte, zu laden.
    Pleas supply (plural form in German) a File, to load.
    Doppelpunktzeiger - colon pointer :)

    And last not least - the translation is not consistent:
    Once you find: Tabellenassisten (table assistant) - which is correct.
    Then there is: Tabellerand (missing N Tabellen....- table border)
    And these missing characters sound like missing 3rd person S in english.

    By the way - table is sometimes translated with Tisch (which means desk / board / bench).

    So my question - is there a better one?
    Does the thing change often? (So if I translate mine for Q1xxx - it's not working with Q2xxx).

    To be precise about my intention - RadEditor is great tool - not some crappy thing.
    For a "nasty tool" such a translation would be OK.
    But so the user gets a real great tool that "speaks" very bad.

    And that's something like a pretty woman - speaking "the language of the gutter".


  2. Answer
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    Hello ManniAT,

    As RadEditor features (read "localization strings") have evolved over time, there is not a single person who has been responsible for localizing the editor. For some of the things we have been helped by customers, some are our own translation, and some - you guessed it - Google translate.

    If you feel like going over and correct the *current* localization, we will gladly award you a good deal of Telerik points :)

    Best regards,
    the Telerik team

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  4. ManniAT
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    since I need it for my project someone has to do it - why not me :)
    And I suggest that (when done) I'll open a support ticket - attach the files and refer to this thread.


  5. ManniAT
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    Posted 28 Apr 2009 Link to this post

    Hi Tervel,

    I finished the German translation (I already did some part before for my use).
    RadEditor.Modules is OK.
    RadSpeel.Dialog is OK.

    RadEditor.Dialogs (German) contains a definition CustomA which is not in the base resource - I left it as it was.
    Currently there exist a problem with support tickets - I can't open one (Server error).

    EDIT: Problem fixed


  6. ManniAT
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    Posted 29 Apr 2009 Link to this post

    Hi Tervel,

    I sent the files via a support ticket.
    The ID is: 208946


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