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  1. Moses
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    I want to display the counts of specific retrieved fields in my pie/donut chart.
    I'm retrieving data via REST and the result is in json format. The source is a list repeating values:
         Example: In the following list, I'd like to get a present the number (count) of completed responses; perhaps in a second chart present the breakdown of responses by location.
        var userResponse  = [
              {     User:  "Bob Smith", Status: "Completed", Location: "USA" },
              {     User:  "Jim Smith", Status: "In-Progress", Location: "USA" }, 
             {     User:  "Jane Smith", Status: "Completed", Location: "USA" },
             {     User:  "Bill Smith", Status: "Completed", Location: "Japan" },
             {     User:  "Kate Smith", Status: "In-Progress", Location: "Japan" },
             {     User:  "Sam Smith", Status: "In-Progress", Location: "USA" },
    My Initialization currently looks like this:


        dataSource: {

            data: data.d.results,

            group: {

                field: "Location",



        seriesDefaults: {

            type: "donut",


        series: [{

            field: 'Id',

            categoryField: 'Location',



  2. Iliana Nikolova
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    Posted 01 Jul Link to this post

    Hi Moses,

    If I understand correctly you would like to group the data by Location and display the status count? Following the approach from this how-to should help to achieve this. For your convenience here is a dojo - please check it and let me know if I am missing something.

    Iliana Nikolova
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