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    I think I'm missing something obvious, but I surrender.  I have an editor with the image manager tool enabled.  Below is my code behind code setting it all up, you can see that I create the directory if it is not there.  The image uploads successfully and is in the right directory.  However I am getting these three errors

    • After an upload – You are trying to navigate to a non-existing folder or you do not have proper permissions…
    • After I try the Image Edit - ImageEditor_Common_MessageCannotWriteToFolder
    • After I try to Delete – The selected file could not be deleted because the application did not have enough permissions.

     Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

    'set imagemanager paths
    Dim sImage As String = SSG.BYOC.Shared.Resource.GetClassroomSaveToFilePath(AppConfig.ClassroomFileUploadRoot, ClassID)
    Dim sImagePath As String = Server.MapPath(sImage)
    Dim imagePath As String() = New String() {sImage}
    ' Dim imageFilters As String() = New String() {"gif", "jpg", "jpeg", "png"}
    If Directory.Exists(sImagePath) = False Then
    End If
    'ctlDescription.ImageManager.SearchPatterns = imageFilters
    ctlDescription.ImageManager.ViewPaths = imagePath
    ctlDescription.ImageManager.UploadPaths = imagePath
    ctlDescription.ImageManager.DeletePaths = imagePath

  2. Chris Trina
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    Posted 07 Jun in reply to Chris Trina Link to this post

    Please ignore this posting, I solve it.  

    We were using a .net Path.Combine command to build the image path.  This is supposed to produce a cross platform friendly URL.  Unfortunately it was inserting a \ instead of a / which was causing the errors.  Some of the image manager functioned fine with the \, however other areas obviously were not.



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