How to reference to the child grid Kendo-UI / AngularJS?

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    I want to reference to the object of my child grid and refresh the child grid with a new ID in the filter. When I reference to the child grid of the Kendo-Grid I get an undefined object.

    <div kendo-grid="customerGrid" k-rebind="mainGridOptions" options="mainGridOptions" k-on-filter-menu-init="filterInit(kendoEvent)">
                <div k-detail-template>
                    <div id="tabstrip" kendo-tab-strip="tabstrip">    
                            <li class="k-state-active">СЧЕТА КЛИЕНТА</li>
                            <li ng-disabled="dis" ng-click="loadDetailAcc()">Полная информация по счету</li>
                            <li ng-disabled="dis" ng-click="loadDetailGrid()">Просмотр событий по счету</li>
                                <div kendo-grid="detailGrid" k-options="detailGridOptios"></div>


    $scope.loadDetailGrid = function () {    
        console.log($scope.detailGrid);// undefined
        $; //error
                 $scope.detailGridOptios = {
                    dataSource: {
                        transport: {
                            read: '/api/HomeApi/GetAccountEvent',
                            dataType: "json"
                        pageSize: 3,
                        filter: { field: "UniqueAccontCode", operator: "eq", value: id }
                    autoBind: false,
                    height: 180,
                    pageable: true,
                    columns: [
                        field: "IDUser",
                        title: "Идентификатор пользователя",
                        width: "120px"
                        field: "UniqueAccontCode",
                        title: "Номер счета",
                        width: "120px"
                    }, {
                        field: "LastActData",
                        title: "Дата последнего действия",
                        width: "120px"
                    }, {
                        field: "Text",
                        title: "Текст",
                        width: "120px"




  2. Boyan Dimitrov
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    Posted 08 Aug Link to this post

    Hello Дмитрий,

    Theoretically such approach for accessing the child grid will not work, because same variable ($scope.detailGrid in this case) will point to all child grid instances. My suggestion is to find the DOM element and get a reference to the widget. 

    Boyan Dimitrov
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