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  1. Mark
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    My DataForm displays data in edit mode just fine, with a selection of textboxs and RadDropDownList's.

    The RadDropDownList bind via the RadDataForm1_ItemDataBound event.


    But when I am in insert mode how do I populate/bind  my  RadDropDownList in code behind?

    The ItemDataBound doesn't fire


    Many Thanks




  2. Mark
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    Posted 21 Jun in reply to Mark Link to this post

    This seems to work using ItemCreated event.

    But is this the correct way to bind?




     Private Sub RadDataForm1_ItemCreated(sender As Object, e As RadDataFormItemEventArgs) Handles RadDataForm1.ItemCreated
            If TypeOf e.Item Is IRadDataFormInsertItem Then
                Dim item As RadDataFormEditableItem = TryCast(e.Item, RadDataFormEditableItem)
                'Dim textBox As TextBox = TryCast(item.FindControl("CompanyNameTextBox"), TextBox)
           end if

                Dim RadDropDownListlicense As RadDropDownList = DirectCast(item.FindControl("RadDropDownListlicense"), RadDropDownList)
                RadDropDownListlicense.DataSource = objWedData.GetDataTable("SELECT l_ir,l_name FROM license")
                RadDropDownListlicense.DataTextField = "l_name"
                RadDropDownListlicense.DataValueField = "l_ir"

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  4. Mark
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    Posted 22 Jun in reply to Mark Link to this post

    Hi again.

    Would there be an example of a the Dataform being used in quite a detailed way? Most if not all the examples are quite basic.

    I went down the route of data binding without using datasource objects and binding with code behind. 

    What i'm finding with this control and others, is that i'm using work rounds and jarvascript more and more as the site grows.

    What worries me is that my approach may be wrong. It would be good to see an example that uses telerik asp controls in a more real life way.

    No worries if not.





  5. Eyup
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    Hi Mark,

    You can use the DataBinding event handler of the combo to achieve this requirement. You can check the sample provided in the following article for a sample web site with RadDataForm:

    I am also sending another web site to demonstrate a more advanced scenario.

    I hope this will prove helpful.

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