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    I am using Telerik Test studio with a visual studio plugin to create tests for my wpf application. In my test, I need to input different names and types of data...using "add new - excel" as a data source, is there a specific way to code my test in order to tell the test what data to use as its source? (for example -> I created an excel file with 5 columns of data and 3 rows. "name/id/amount/style/gender". I want to use name/style for the first test and id/gender for the next test. How can I do this?)
  2. Daniel Djambov
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    Hi Symeon,

    I'm from Test Studio engineering team and I will help you answering all your questions, then offer proposals to work in you case.

    I will make some assumptions and you will correct me if I'm wrong:
    I assume you are trying to run 1 test, that has in it a Test As Step for Login (where you use DB columns name/id) and after login test you have steps in the main test that use data columns (amounts/style/gender) and this main test is run 3 times (3 iterations) with 3 different users and values taken from the rows of the Data file. In this case your main test will contain all the data columns (5) and rows (3) and your login test should be configured to be databound, to have 2 columns (name/id) which it will be using, 3 rows (even empty) and set its property InheritParentData=true. In this case what will happen during run is main test calls the TestAsStep Login test, pass it its data about name/id, Login test executes, then execution returns to main test and its steps will use the data from amount/style/gender. All this will be for the first iteration and will take data from the first row. Next iteration execution starts from beginning, login test takes data from second data row for name/id and next steps of main test will take data for amount/style/gender from second data row.

    You can check our online documentation about this

    If my assumption is not correct, please provide me more data about your use case, so I can offer you the proper usage solution.

    Best Regards,
    Daniel Djambov
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    Thanks for the reply,. specially the doc link - worked for me!!
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    You are most welcome! Glad your got it working.

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