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  1. stijn Ver Eecke
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    I am using an Chart with more then one Y-Axis ( multiple data on chart).
    I want the user to choose what data to see ( bij checking checkboxes).
    When toggling a checkbox the correspondent  Data-Series and Y-Axis should be collapsed ( invisible) .
    This works for all the DataSeries,
    This works fine for the Main Y-Axis, but does not work for the 'Additional Axis' ) ->

    Cannot find governing FrameworkElement or FrameworkContentElement for target element.

    code :

                               <telerik:ChartDefaultView ChartLegendPosition="Top">
                                       <telerik:ChartArea x:Name="chartarea" Padding="5,10,20,5" LegendName="legend">
                                               <telerik:AxisX DefaultLabelFormat="ddd dd.MM"/>
                                               <!--<telerik:AxisY Title="Temperatuur (°C)" AxisName="Temperatuur" MinValue="34" MaxValue="44" ExtendDirection="Smart"/>-->
                                               <telerik:AxisY Title="Temperatuur (°C)" AxisName="Temperatuur" MinValue="0" MaxValue="80" Step="10" ExtendDirection="Smart"
                                                   Visibility="{Binding Path=IsChecked,ElementName=checkboxViewSeriesTemp, Converter={StaticResource _BooleanToVisibilityYAxisConverter}}">
                                                       <telerik:AxisStyles AxisLineStyle="{StaticResource AxisLineStyleTemp}"
                                                                   TickLineStyle="{StaticResource MajorTickLineStyleTemp}"
                                                                   MinorTickLineStyle="{StaticResource MinorTickLineStyleTemp}"
                                                                   ItemLabelStyle="{StaticResource CustomLabelTemp}"/>
                                               <telerik:AxisY  AxisName="Gewicht" Title="Gewicht (Kg)" MinValue="0" MaxValue="200" Step="5" ExtendDirection="Smart"
                                                   Visibility="{Binding Path=IsChecked,ElementName=checkboxViewSeriesTemp, Converter={StaticResource _BooleanToVisibilityYAxisConverter}}">                                                
                                                       <telerik:AxisStyles AxisLineStyle="{StaticResource AxisLineStyleGewicht}"
                                                                   TickLineStyle="{StaticResource MajorTickLineStyleGewicht}"
                                                                   MinorTickLineStyle="{StaticResource MinorTickLineStyleGewicht}"
                                                                   ItemLabelStyle="{StaticResource CustomLabelGewicht}"/>
                                               <telerik:AxisY  AxisName="Pijn" Title="Pijn (Vas)" MinValue="0" MaxValue="10" Step="1" ExtendDirection="Smart"
                                                   Visibility="{Binding Path=IsChecked,ElementName=checkboxViewSeriesPijn, Converter={StaticResource _BooleanToVisibilityYAxisConverter}}">
                                                       <telerik:AxisStyles AxisLineStyle="{StaticResource AxisLineStylePijn}"
                                                                       TickLineStyle="{StaticResource MajorTickLineStylePijn}"
                                                                       MinorTickLineStyle="{StaticResource MinorTickLineStylePijn}"
                                                                       ItemLabelStyle="{StaticResource CustomLabelPijn}"/>
  2. Yavor
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    Posted 27 Sep 2011 Link to this post

    Hi Stijn Ver Eecke,

    There is an online sample that demonstrates similar functionality as the one you are looking for. I have modified its code to include a secondary Y-axis and everything works as expected. Please take a look at the attached application and try to run it in your environment. If you encounter any problem with it I will be happy to assist you.

    the Telerik team

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