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    Announcing the 2013 Q2 Beta for RadControls For Windows 8 HTML

    Check out all of the new and improved features just released in the 2013 Q3 Beta for RadControls for Windows 8 HTML! Plus a couple of goodies you never saw coming!
  • .NET Testing & ALM

    3 Ways to Focus under Pressure

    Ever feel pressure as a project manager? Some of the time? All of the time? I hope you’re not actually feeling stressed and under pressure 100% of the time – I for one actually do find project management enjoyable much of the time. But it certainly does have its many stressful moments. Issues are a way of life. But when several critical issues hit at once or we have one of those show-stopping moments on one of our projects – those are the times when we feel the most pressure…when it’s really tempting to hit the panic button or proclaim ...
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    Unit Testing with the Test Studio Framework

    Functional Testing with the Telerik Testing Framework and MbUnit explained.
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    Functional Testing with the Telerik Testing Framework

    [NOTE: This is a guest post from Telerik’s own Phil Japikse, one of Telerik’s Senior Developer Evangelists."] Background User Interface testing isn’t just for quality engineers.  It’s vital for developers to own part of this process as well.  The days of development silos are long gone (or at least should be!)  The process of throwing bits “down the line” is fraught with inefficiencies.  Developers are already adopting unit testing in record numbers, and this has led to a phenomenal increase in code quality. Why should it stop there?  Developers need to also take ownership of the user interface code just ...
    May 21, 2013
  • Testing & ALM

    Choose Your Constructor with JustMock Automocking

    Automocking can be a great time saver. But what if your system under test has multiple constructors? No need to worry, since JustMock added support for selecting which constructor should be automocked!