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    r.a.d.controls = 13 + 5: the math behind (Part I)

    One of the most common questions we are getting in the last couple of months is - "What will you be releasing in Q4"? For a number of reasons our typical answer has been - “It's going to be one of the best releases ever! Don’t waste time, buy a r.a.d.controls subscription license, and get the updates for free”. Unfortunately nowadays the words “exciting” and “best ever” are so widely abused that no one really believes them. Instead, customers want to know all the details in order to determine why the new product is so much better than the old...
    October 10, 2005
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    The mythic r.a.d.grid

    Ever since the first build of r.a.d.grid I've had a feeling that there's something "divine" about it:)It seems that I was right. After a Google search I found out that our beloved ASP.NET grid control has the same name (without the dots) as one of the characters in ancient Norse mythology. Apart from the initial surprise that r.a.d.grid is female, I finally have unquestionable information regarding r.a.d.grid's divine nature:http://www.godchecker.com/pantheon/norse-mythology.php?deity=RADGRIDWho could argue that there's a better grid than one with divine origins?:)...
    October 02, 2005
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    A big day for Bulgarian football fans

    The last few years have been really disappointing for Bulgarian football fans as none of our teams passed the first round of the UEFA cup and the Champions League. Sometimes it was a matter of luck, sometimes it was a matter of horrible play but the end result was the same year after year - Bulgarian participation ended very early. Yesterday everything changed - 3 out of 4 Bulgarian teams made it to the UEFA groups after 3 1:0 epic wins. It could have been four wins, but Lokomotiv Plovdiv lost 2:1 to Bolton. The English team was trailing the whole game...
    September 29, 2005
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    It's time to replace FreeTextBox with r.a.d.editor in the Community Server blog engine

    Now that I entered the blogosphere, I am finding out that apart from the time spent writing the content of a blog entry, you often have to spend time to properly format the content, include code, links, images and so on. In all internal applications we are using r.a.d.editor and I've been having some real issues with the FreeTextBox control that comes with Community Server by default. Some of the things I have struggled with:- table management- link management- <P>s and <BR>s- image management (I don't like going into HTML view to add an image)- absence of a spellchecker (FreeTextBox...
    September 26, 2005
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    And the winner is....

    Today we finally drew the lucky winner of the Trivia Game Show that was held at the telerik booth during the Expo hours at PDC 2005 in Los Angeles. The winner of the top prize - the  very desirable XBOX 360 - is Laijun Xie with Thomson Financial. We have pre-ordered the XBOX 360 on Amazon and the console should arrive via courier somewhere in December, perhaps just in time for Xmas:) Coming to think of it, I should also ask Santa for one. I am still playing Super Mario Bros on my Nintendo 1988 box but the XBOX 360 looks like a good...
    September 25, 2005