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Try NativeScript for Elegant, Cross-Platform, Native Mobile Apps
Get native UI and performance for iOS and Android from a single code base. Leverage popular web skills - JavaScript, Angular and CSS. Free and open source, now and forever.

How It Works

NativeScript is a cross-platform framework for building native apps using JavaScript, CSS and XML. NativeScript APIs are translated to native platform APIs at runtime. You can use modern JavaScript, TypeScript or AngularJS and get the performance of Swift or Java. Write them once and run them anywhere.

How it works

Check Out These Beautiful NativeScript Apps

Creating beautiful apps is now within reach with NativeScript

Empower Your Development with NativeScript Tools

Unleash the power of NativeScript, the way you want it

NativeScript Developer Tools

Are you a fearless explorer who likes to build from scratch? Set up your own development environment, use your own favorite code editor, and use NativeScript modules and plugins to build your next amazing app.

empower development

UI for NativeScript

Bridge the gaps in UI Framework, amplify end user experience with UI for NativeScript controls and build highly polished, feature-rich apps with Native UI

NativeScript + Telerik Platform = The complete Solution to Mobilize Your Business

Leverage Telerik Platform to accelerate every step of your mobile project, with components to design, build, connect, test, deploy, manage, and measure

NativeScript and Telerik Platform
Telerik is offering comprehensive NativeScript support for enterprises. Please contact us at to know about the program, benefits, SLAs.

NativeScript in Action


“NativeScript changes the game for mobile app developers of all experience levels. It’s never been
this easy to produce truly native, cross-platform, professional apps. I love NativeScript because of
its elegance and simplicity.”

Mike Branstein

Director of Applications Development, KiZAN Technologies

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With a very small learning curve, NativeScript helped us create native iOS and Android apps that share the same codebase and work seamlessly on both platforms. Saved us days of platform specific programming!

Peter Staev
Peter Staev Co-Owner of Tangra-Software Ltd

Developing with NativeScript has dramatically increased our productivity and profit margin in delivering enterprise grade mobile apps for our customers.

Alex Ziskind Technical Director at Nuvious

We were impressed with the simplicity of setting up NativeScript and once we dug in we haven’t looked back. It's easy to see that the developers built this for developers. We build more apps faster. It's our first and only choice for cross-platform mobile app development.

Brad Martin
Brad Martin Founder at Thorum