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Our Story

We are developers. That is who we are and whom we serve. We are bound together around a common cause: to build products that enable the entire developer community to create one-of-a-kind app experiences for their customers.

  1. 2002

    A few friends had a cool idea

  2. 2004

    Signed RadEditor deal with Microsoft

  3. 2005

    Sitefinity CMS is born

  4. 2007

    #1 Employer in Bulgaria—First of 6 wins

  5. 2009

    Telerik Academy opens

  6. 2011

    Kendo UI® launch, Kendoka unleashed

  7. 2012

    AppBuilder launch

  8. 2013

    Palo Alto office opens; First Visionary Nod by Gartner

  9. 2014

    Telerik PlatformSM and Kendo UI Core launch

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

130K +


275 +


NASA Customer Story


 Telerik has accelerated our development agenda considerably, allowing us to bring our products to market faster and with less expense. 

 If a team can start with Telerik tools and achieve results in three weeks that would normally take months, why not? Our development time savings were 35-50 percent with Telerik. 

 Most any project will get their return on investment with the Telerik suite within a week to a month. It is worth its weight in gold, because of the saved time and extra "pop" that you can give your clients. 

 Telerik components are fast performance-wise. Our users now expect the same rich desktop feel on their web interface, and that’s what Telerik offers. 

 Telerik has the best value for the money that we can find. That's why we are moving from a competitive vendor to Telerik. 

Mark Richards
Mark Richards Chief Technology Officer,
Key Metric Software
Long Le
Long Le Principle App/Dev Architect, CBRE
Chad Hensley
Chad Hensley Chief Executive Officer, Tall Shadows LLC
Krupa Rocks
Krupa Rocks Senior Manager, Clinical Data Systems, St. Jude Medical
Luis Madaleno
Luis Madaleno Chief Technology Officer, MAGNISOFT


We’re all about combining passion with innovation and channeling our collective obsession with technology into creating great products that drive customer success


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