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Telerik is a young company that’s pretty much shaped by its people. Telerik is a place where there are no employees – everyone is treated like a colleague, a friend, an ally, who can help the others and the company as a whole to be more successful.

United States


  • 201 Jones Road
  • Waltham, MA 02451
  • phone: +1–888–365–2779
  • fax: +1–617–249–2116
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Palo Alto

  • 169 University Ave.
  • Palo Alto, 94301
  • phone: +1-888-365-2779
  • fax: +1-617-249-2116
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United Kingdom


  • 14 Austin Friars
  • London, EC2N 2HE
  • phone: +44-20-7382-4450
  • fax: +44-20-7382-4455
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Positions listed here are to be based in a home/remote office location within a specified region, as noted within the position description.
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Telerik is a winner of Hewitt's "Best Employer in Bulgaria" Award

Telerik AD, an end-to-end provider of application development tools and solutions for building and analyzing


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