Kendo UI for Angular 2

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and Mobile. No Compromises.

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Best in Class UI Components for
Angular 2 Development

  • Native Angular 2 Components, Built From the Ground Up

    We’re building true ng2 UI components, not just wrapping existing components like other vendors are doing. We’re creating pure, high performance Angular 2 UI components without any jQuery dependencies, because we won’t settle for anything less and we don’t think you should either.

  • Kendo UI for Angular Loves TypeScript

    Whether you choose to develop your Angular 2 applications with TypeScript or JavaScript, Kendo UI for Angular 2 will be the best-in-class UI component toolkit for your next Angular 2 project.

  • Performance and Speed

    Since our components are written in Angular 2 for Angular 2, you will take full advantage of the framework’s native performance capabilities. When ng2 gets faster, we get faster!

  • Works in Every IDE and Editor

    Whether you prefer working in a comprehensive IDE like Visual Studio and Eclipse or a code editor like Visual Studio Code or Sublime, Kendo UI for Angular 2 is supported in the coding environment of your choice.

  • Installation and Updates

    Kendo UI for Angular 2 is installed as discrete, scoped npm packages. It is easy and unobtrusive to get the latest bits – no need of time-consuming installations; plus you will be to get the latest bits right after we release them.

  • We Know UI

    We created our first UI component 14 years ago. In 2012 we brought you Kendo UI – the best and widely known UI component suite for jQuery, used in more than 97,000 public websites ( Now we’re delivering a new edition of Kendo UI built from the ground up to enable you to be uber productive in developing impressive business applications in Angular 2.

We're Excited
About the First Official Beta

We are proud to present the first beta release of Kendo UI for Angular 2. It’s been designed specifically for Angular 2. Written in TypeScript, built as native Query-free components and distributed as NPM packages, Kendo UI for Angular 2 makes integrating UI components into ng2 a piece of cake for developers. In this beta release, you’ll find the business application essential building blocks — form elements, grid and data visualization components.

Here’s what you get

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Dive In and get started building completely native, jQuery-free Angular 2 apps today. Share your experiences to help us continue making Kendo UI for Angular 2 the ultimate UI component toolkit for Angular 2 developers.

Pricing and Licensing

Kendo UI for Angular 2 is a new addition to the Kendo UI family of commercial products. When the product is officially released in 2017 it will be backed by the same level of professional support & scheduled updates that you’ve come to expect from the Kendo UI team.

Resources and Community

Industry leading support services backed by an obsessive focus on documentation and learning resources.

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