Vassil Terziev

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Hiking the Himalayas was a piece of cake for Vassil after guiding Telerik to the pinnacle of the application development sector. He applies that same resolve daily, constantly re-envisioning Telerik to embrace emerging technologies while simultaneously mentoring the next generation of developers.

A graduate of the American University of Bulgaria, Vassil often treks the globe with Telerik colleagues to inspire the next innovative direction for the company. He’s a hands-on leader who believes every Telerik employee and customer success contributes to making the world a little bit better.

Svetozar Georgiev

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

At work, Zarko is a daring app development visionary focused on driving dev trends, not following them. He’s a thoughtful, yet bold leader that inspires Telerikers to make quantum leaps forward, redefining development possibilities in the process.

A graduate of the American University in Bulgaria, with degrees in Journalism and Business Administration, Zarko channels his inner DJ, sailor, snowboarder and mud-loving off-roader when at play to embody the Telerik “work hard, play hard” philosophy.

Boyko Iaramov

Co-founder and Chief Process Officer

As process ambassador, Boyko bridges the personal and professional as he rotates among the many Telerik departments to translate Finance, Legal, Facilities, HR and Training-speak into actionable ideas that propel the company onward. Boyko’s approachable presence assures “the Telerik way” endures, and every employee has a direct voice to senior leadership.

Boyko’s personal passion is dirt biking. He rides often, both at home and when traveling, including two trips across California’s Death Valley in over 100 degree temperatures. Back at home, Boyko has inspired fellow Telerikers to adopt dirt biking, including his co-founder friends, all just as close as when Boyko earned his degree in Business Administration and History at the American University in Bulgaria.

Hristo Kosev

Co-founder and Chief Scientist

Hristo’s insatiable curiosity and problem-solving nature propel Telerik innovation. He fosters a start-up culture centered on ideas, experimentation, trial, failure and of course—great success. Past start-up adventures, including co-founding Telerik with his friends, are motivation to keep the spirit of discovery alive. Hristo earned his Master’s degree in Communication Technologies from the Technical University of Sofia.

In his free time, Hristo enjoys learning, reading and keeping on top of all things technology. He may occasionally squeeze in some tennis—but Hristo’s passion is technology. Hristo mentors tech entrepreneurs at the LAUNCHub seed fund, but most enjoys rolling-up his sleeves to collaborate and create with fellow Telerikers.

Aaron Mahimainathan

Chief Product Officer

Aaron is a resourceful leader who thrives at the busy intersection of strategy and execution of the Telerik vision: serving the needs of app developers and enterprises. With a keen eye, Aaron keeps Telerik focused on the customer, anticipating and building for the market, and ensuring we deliver a compelling and consistent product experience for customers.

Armed with Master’s degree in Engineering from SUNY Syracuse, an MBA from UC Berkeley and significant experience at industry titans such as Oracle, Siebel and SAP, Aaron ensures the boundless Telerik energy is invested in building great products and winning—and keeping—customers. He’s an avid coach and mentor, both on the field coaching his kids’ soccer teams, and at work with his product strategy and marketing teams.

Esther Dominguez

General Counsel

Esther applies her legal talents to a wide spectrum of Telerik interests, protecting all the wonderful ideas the Telerik team dreams up, while simultaneously keeping the bad guys at bay. Her counsel is essential to every facet of the business: from contracts, products and partners, to employment, marketing and real estate.

By immersing herself in the business and applying her tech start-up expertise, Esther safeguards the past, present and future of Telerik—putting her New York University School of Law degree to rigorous use. Outside of work, Esther is passionate about her kids, future “foodies” who enjoy family adventures like hiking, zip-lining and snorkeling.

Faris Sweis

Chief Technical Officer

Faris and his engineering team are not just driven to build the best tools, but to do so in new and unexpected ways that keep Telerik the innovation leader. A fierce customer champion, Faris enjoys leading a cutting edge team in work that changes the world, one product and customer success at a time.

Boldly tackling software development challenges comes easily to this admitted tech gadget guy who loves basketball almost as much as a good political or religious debate. Much of his work and technology ethic was shaped by his time at Microsoft and his former start-up, ArtOfTest, both of which came after his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Purdue University.

Dimitre Taslakov

Chief Talent Officer

Dimi brings Bruce Lee’s “your way as way” philosophy to everything he does as Chief Talent Officer, helping each Teleriker find an optimal path for themselves and the company. Leveraging the strategic skills of the #1 Telerik asset—its people, Dimi helps Telerik make a positive impact for customers, employees and the many communities the company serves.

As someone who learns by doing, Dimi makes his dent in the universe by embracing new challenges as opportunities to stretch the boundaries of what’s possible. His passion is working with people who believe they can change the world, and channeling that energy into action that makes a difference for Telerik clients.

John Ritchie

Chief Financial Officer

John empowers Telerik executives with the financial information needed to make timely and informed decisions. A firm believer that hard work does get rewarded, he fosters creative problem solving on his team as they prepare Telerik with the financial systems needed to scale.

Whether at work, or at play during his active family’s many sports endeavors, John infuses integrity into everything he does. “If you can’t play the game honestly, you shouldn’t play the game,” is an ethic John lives daily and uses to guide his growing finance team, just as it guided his studies at San Jose State University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Telerik Team

You are ambitious. You are motivated. You have ideals. You want to work on cutting edge projects.
You prefer the we to the I. You are not afraid of change. You are not afraid of challenges.

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