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    It’s the Customer’s Project.. But

    “I’m the customer…do what I say.” “That’s my money – I want you to do this!” “The customer is always right!” Have you heard this before? Is the customer always right? My answer is no. In fact, you may be saying – from your own project experiences – is the customer ever right? Now, for all you customers out there – past, present and future – I mean no harm or disrespect. It’s just that there are a few of you out there who prefer to micro manage the delivery project manager and team too much and you forget why ...
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    The Great New Features in JustDecompile

    Explore in-depth all the new features that JustDecompile has to offer with the Q2 release.
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    The Flexible Schedule. Potential Project Killers. Part 5

    As we close out this five part series on some of my favorite project killers, let’s consider what we’ve covered so far in Parts 1 through 4: • Part 1 - starting too fast – don’t start before everyone is really ready and the project is well-defined • Part 2 – a vague budget – managing a project with no real budget is dangerous – sounds easy but it’s not and it can become very hard, if not impossible, to ever define financial success • Part 3 – an indecisive customer – the indecisive project customer provides ...
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    The Humanitarian Toolbox, DevTeach, and Telerik

    Telerik is a big supporter of the Humanitarian Toolbox. Get involved. Write Code. Save Lives!
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    Test Studio 2013 R1 - Must I Record Using Multiple Browsers?

    Greetings, fellow testers. I was asked an interesting question last night and thought I'd share it with you As you've seen in recent blog posts and videos, our upcoming release will allow you to record your tests using multiple browsers. That lead one user to wonder if if it was necessary to do so — "If I want to run a test in each of the browsers, will I need to record the same test in each of those browsers?" Fortunately, there's no such need. Any test you record can be played back using any browser; there's no tie ...
    July 11, 2013