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    TeamPulse R3 2013 Halloween Edition: Git integration, REST API & more

    Just in time for Halloween we are releasing the new version of TeamPulse and we are bringing a bag full of goodies. We now have Git and GitHub integration and the REST API which make TeamPulse even easier to adopt by organizations of all types and sizes. We’ve also added End-user Personas which will help your team keep customer requirements in the forefront of your development process. Finally, to help you track testing efforts better, we have released Acceptance Criteria Pass/Fail Indicators. To learn more and see what else we have released continue reading. Eager to try TeamPulse R3 2013?...
    October 29, 2013
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    Load Testing in Test Studio 2013 R2

    Web applications are a lot more complicated these days than even a few years ago.  We don’t hear a lot these days about Web services as a development technology, but virtually every Web application that uses commonly provided services will access those service via traditional Web services technology.  If your Web application reports on the weather, or provides a stock market update, you are using a Web service.  A Web service uses HTTP, but it runs the SOAP, REST, or similar protocol over that.  And if your stock market updates are slow or accumulating timeout errors, chances are you are ...
    October 28, 2013
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    Expanded Dynamic Targets Documentation

    As part of our updates to the Test Studio Load Test documentation, we've added more information about using Dynamic Targets in your test. Dynamic Targets allow Test Studio Load Tests to track the value of key-value pairs contained in responses from the server under test, and include them in the appropriate follow-up requests. Since many web applications require user-specific values (like session IDs) to be returned with requests, this feature allows load test scenarios to simulate valid user traffic. This is important, since applications that do not receive valid key-value pairs may return errors. These errors typically create a greater ...
    October 28, 2013
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    30 Days of TDD – Day 17 – Specifying Order of Execution in Mocks

    We’ll continue developing our e-commerce application today by looking closer at how we will utilize the Order Fulfillment service. This service is provided by a third party and the API requires an ordered set of calls to be executed. In this post I’ll show you how your mocks can enforce this rule and let you know when your test violate it.
    October 25, 2013
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    Coming Soon - a Richer HTML5 Testing Experience

    Earlier this year we released Test Studio 2013, and our product team has been working hard on the next release ever since. We'll be showing you some of our upcoming features over the next few weeks, and I'm happy to kick things off by showing a little more love for HTML5. Now, before we look at Test Studio's new HTML5 support, I've got to point out that everything depends on the browsers' support. If your team has been developing HTML5 applications, you're probably already aware of sites like The HTML5 Test and Can I Use - be sure to visit ...
    October 23, 2013